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The Sermon of Martyrdom

Thick godly dogma,
Spills forth the bowls of manna,
To feed pious hearts,
Who do not trot over flies.

The chanting rages;
Blazing the holy fires;
That devour,
The slanderous murderer.

The pious,
Are touched in turns;
They fall,
They wail.

The sermon comes in devout voice,
For sullen hearts to receive.

The cassock baptizes men anew;
Hypnotizing devotees to the heavens they never knew.

At his backyard;
Looking like the Lord's Vineyard;
The cassock feeds fattening maggots;
Fleecing on wasted barns;
As handy scavengers;
Feed on tad,
And drink vapour like a dying toad.

At the holy parade,
The sermon of Martyrdom,
Coated in dappled venom,
Is hymned like a charade!

A dying devotee,
Looks on in awe,
As his bare bowels,
Sing hallelujah chorus!

Adama Bukari
01:31 C.E.T
Somewhere in Europe

by Adama Bukari

 Posted by: Adama Bukari

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