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The Heart Of The Fathers

The grey hair have a flash back
of regretful memories.
the memories that play on on the mental
plasma TV
they groan and oops as they watch.
to now hear what they heard,
see what they saw in the morning,
knowing what they should have known
turning their decision into a counsel.
redeem the time, the days are evil

Little children!
if a voluptuous lass says i love you baby!
do not wait to say are you sure?
run for your life.
save your strength from serving "Asuo Yaa"
the "maame water" with big breasts and hips
fair like Delila or dark like ebony.

When they open theirs thighs,
don't enter.
there is a way that seemeth right to a man,
but the end thereof is death
if by accident you slip into that cave,
and see chains of gold,
be sure it drinks blood
if you see pleasures of nakedness,
be warned, it drains men's strength
if ever you find your way out earlier
cling to the Bible like Abishai and the sword.
when you meet emotions under your clock,
emotions that have grown a grey beard,
pray like Samson and cry like David
when it enters your heart, reasoning leaves through the mind

We were born yesterday
let's ask the grey hair and "nana Abrewa"
they will tell us about slavery
to breasts and buttocks
that shacks like fresh cheese.
yea! they wicked masters;
akpateshi and whisky and their iron yokes
we will know the pride that trims his hair
like the head of ''Bolga akomfem''
even the sorrows and pains of " sakawa"
the painful arrows of " mante-mante"

Experience is the worst teacher,
yet not a substitute for knowledge
when ladies paint their lips, eyelids and wig,
it attracts Elijah to call a famine on our land.
when you see erection towards an anus,
that has no clitoris, be alarmed history is repeating.
it calls brimstone like rain
only Lots will escape,

Read my lips little children,
when one shall hang on a rented ceiling like spider,
desire debris like a mouse,
wish he could be free from himself,
yet hunted like "ansriwa and apatopre"
by "kwaku ba boni" who shorts a catapult,
then you will grow the hearts of the fathers
and entitle your poem " mehunu ye anka"

By Andrew Gmayeuwombor Nkrabeah

by Andrew Gmayeuwombor Nkrabeah

 Posted by: Andrew Gmayeuwombor Nkrabeah

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