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How can two different statement reconcile with themselves?

Perhaps their disagreement is imbued with unity
For if one is ugly then she can't also beautiful
If I am rich, I cannot be poor at the same time
So therefore if someone says
"Familiarity breeds contempt"
Can I also believe that yes indeed
Absence makes the heart go fonder?
How can I accept the maxim "life is not a race"
When clearly we are competing with time?
For the former clearly is sought to compensate the sad.

How can I believe that money answers all things
When I am to believe that it is also the root of all evil?

The question that therefore arises is
"How can something so evil solve all problems?"
It leads us to wonder if bad can bring about a good.

If religion is meant to bring us to "one" God
why then is it creating division among men?
Why do we fight for freedom, riches and love
When at the end we will be defeated by death?
When I begin to find out more about these and many more

I begin to realize how little everyone seems to know

For there is no elite nor an illiterate
When in death, all the wisdom we know will be vanity

Does nature really teach us about unity?
If yes then why can't light and darkness dine together?

Why can't fire and water share a common room?
In our life, we are taught to love everyone
But can a teacher ever love all his students in equal measure?

Can there ever be a world without prejudice?
Can there ever be love without tragedy?
Can there ever be life where we can live happily forever?

by Yaw Frimpong

 Posted by: Yaw Frimpong

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