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A Letter To Wole Soyinka

Your Writecellency, my father in ink
Whose steaming steps I consider uncommon

Prof. I admire your thoughts
They are as fresh as coconut water
Can't fill my basket thirst
I aspire your mountain status
More visible than the Kings of the land
No much attire yet more colourful than the peacocks
You aren't thunder but your paces are electrifying
You aren't barbed-wire but a touch brings a choke
Words and deeds, yours are sparks of fire
Day and night, to glow like you I desire

I've read my eyes out with lantern
I've written my heart out with passion
But each attempt to leap I perspire
So I thought it wise to enquire

Tell me, O bag of wisdom
What more route is left to take?
My fear is darker than night
I don't want to expire unfruitful
My hunger is beyond bread and wine
I don't want to retire unfulfilled

Tell me the fertilizer behind your growth
What does it require to grow grey hairs?

Enemies from far and near conspire
How do I dodge their red bullets?
How do I exceed my peers' limits?

Show me the passage to the choir of laureates
Inspire me with your secrets, noble one

In sincerity my pen weeps
Waiting for your call up the stage
Working on my blood to keep it red
From now till the dead of words

From Kufre Udeme, your son.

by Kufre Udeme

 Posted by: Kufre Udeme

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