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The story of our redemption
A trail disappears
Reappears without exemption
A cycle of years of sour tears
And forefathers
Traded us for moonshine
Still our fathers
Came to redeem our blood line
The moon men came again
Father was asleep
Religion was his bane
So the children, they left for cheap
Who will redeem the future?
Buy us back our self respect
Our childhood wounds to suture
Redeem lost hopes of past neglect
We need to find a lasting cure
To redeem and stay redeemed
Turn the past to good manure
A black star as Nkrumah dreamed

by Yaw Frimpong

 Posted by: Yaw Frimpong

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quot-img-1Human suffering on this planet is often caused by human error,incompetence and selfishness

By: akoaso quot-img-1