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In My Mama’s Eyes

In my mama's eyes, I'm still El Niño*
Whom she breastfed at the genesis of my life,
Did all she could to shield and protect the treasure,

And brought me up to love God and fellow man
Though am matured and living the dream,
Funny enough, she still sees me the same way
In my mama's eyes, I'm still the kid
Who couldn't tuck in his shirt and make ready for school,

Who comes home after school with the news of a missing shoe?

And a shirt with football stamps, sweat and dirt
Though, I'm now a connoisseur in fashion, a corporate figure

And a man of high repute, she still sees me the same way

In my mama's eyes, I'm still the youngster
Who back in the days couldn't spell my own name?
And even recite the multiples of four (4*4)
Though, I'm a hot cake when one needs financial advice

And accounting solutions, this woman sees me the same way

Such is the beauty of mother hood,
The joy of bringing up a child and watching him grow

No matter how successful or wealthy you've become
Mama sees you the same way
In her eyes you are still a Niño*
*El Niño= (Spanish meaning of the baby)
Dedicated to my sweet mum and all mothers out there especially your mum

Written by: Ozprix
IT IS FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE (what do you think it is?)

For this precious gift rapped with golden bell
I edge you and pray thee as well
Please, do not sell
For nothing on earth can be compared here
Even the most expensive jewels are nothing near
When you turn and see my tear
Remember, what I have given you is so dear
Foes will work out even to the bone
All to sway you and make it their own
With flattery words sweeter than ringtone
Never give in because is for you and you alone
As long as my gift remains, you will feel my presence

Though I might not be near, it will be of essence
Sell it and you've already sold your conscience
Because it's the basic necessity of your existence

by Nino Music

 Posted by: Nino Music

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