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A Boy Walking On Fire" Opens With An Impressive Start

J.Y.Frimpong's spoken word "A boy walking on fire" opened last week and since then has chopped a lot of success.

The spoken word which talks about the effects of social negligence on children is one of the poems that can be found in "A book that never dies.".

Lyrics of the poem:
The difference:
He's just eight and is on cloud nine
We got our feet on the ground
And he has got his heads in the clouds
Everybody tells him he is on the high
The reminiscence:
Watching him on last night,
I realized he was that lonely boy
No one gave anything attention
Now he is on the cloud feeling like the sun
His behaviour can scorch your skin
Living in his created fantasies
We can rationalize but can never
Completely wash ourselves off the guilt
Everybody watches him as he goes
I begin to see no exit around for him
I will always remember till the end of time
The signs I ignored thinking it was normal
I will always remember the excuses I gave
I was chasing love, he was chasing hollowness
I will always remember when I walked
Out of his sight when he needed help
I would not fail to remember
That I was a part of the unneeded change.

by Yaw Frimpong

 Posted by: Yaw Frimpong

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