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I know when I will sure breathe last
And to the final sleep fall fast
O only a second's event
Upon all the years I'd have spent

So happy my debtors will be
And they alone will pray for me
So sad my creditors will be
And the whole world has debts on me

Precious times wasted on mean chase
Stupid laughs on men of dim base
Ants, birds, praying mantis and flies
Crushed with ease in their fragile size

My lovers sure will smile and cry
Such crises which very soonest dry
I'll hear them as I'll helpless lie
Speechless, hard, even if I try

They will wash and wrap me in whole
And will dump me in deadened hole
They will turn from me to their goal
And will not learn from my gone soul

One after one they all will leave
And leave me in pitiful heave
No body, nothing will I have
Except that I did when alive

Only my deeds which are twofold
Neither silk nor sliver nor gold
Deeds outweighing and make me cold
More haunting even though they're old

Restrain ye eyes, from sinful peep!
O ye toe! Curb my futile leap
And ye mouth! Do not keep to sip
Or eat a thing of hellish reap

O members of this earthly form
Unite and maintain free good norm
Get equipped to withstand the storm
In that long journey, soon, to come

My provision is my good deed
From it alone shall be my feed
Therefore must I to God's words heed
And that alone is the pure creed

O God of Self, guide through my search
To feed at end with Heaven's dish
And take me, Lord, while in my niche
With my pride-trunk well bowed with flesh

May I be granted my last book
With face as green vegetable look
On my right, not left, as I took
Courage to escape Satan's hook

Allow me not, Lord, be engulfed endowed
Except by soil for on it first I bowed

Muhammad Ajah is a poet, author, advocate of humanity and good governance. E-mail [email protected]

by Muhammad Ajah (From his poem collection “Man in the Mirror”)

 Posted by: Muhammad Ajah (From his poem collection “Man in the Mirror”)

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