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Growing me: A Day in Golem

Today in the streets of a strange city, a one legged man tottered by. Two sticks thrust into his armpits as he tapped away. I hear the rhythmic blasts of trumpets and the steady beats of drums. Women and men are dancing away in a raucous market square. An infectious parade is afoot, and it swells by the moment. Someone tugs at my sleeve. She wants to dance. She's comely enough so I accept and curse myself later. My wallet has found a new master and together (leather in bosom) they've vanished into the sunset. Curse them both!!

A gaunt three year old in naught but dirty pants and an unsightly running nose wails in the streets. One hand is on his loose fitting pants, which keeps sagging to his tiny knees. No one pays him the slightest heed.

A tigress of a woman is screaming her head off at two men in law enforcement uniform. She's just been robbed. Another is dragged into the alleys kicking and sobbing by three dodgy looking characters. Her screams won't save her here. Her fair tears won't wash her anew.

I take a quick look to my left and see two lynx-eyed men feverishly stashing more food and clothes than they could eat and wear in a lifetime. One disapproving look, a rotten smile and a seemingly unintentional flash of bloodstained steel sends me hurriedly on my way.

But above shone a beautiful crimson sky with streaks of orange and patches of intense sky blue. The evening stars have just begun to twinkle out, emanating pure majesty. Sky blue changes guard to navy blue. The red and orange streaks and splashes are seen only in faint wispy tails now. Twilight is here in Golem.

by D.S. Senanu

 Posted by: D.S. Senanu

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