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Show me a place i can go

Show me a place I can go
Where memories would not follow
I'm sick of depression, can anybody cure me?
Mama said her words should assure me
So I looked to success but failure allures me
I looked to freedom
But it went with the kingdom
The country that was once a nation
Divided like ration

Show me a place I can go
Where war is not present even in shadow
I placed my thumb on a paper, folded it and dropped it for the ballot

Better off trusting a harlot
Now I look to the future
Will I be gone or persist a preacher?
Or my tongue be false like the man on the podium
Who promised us honey but all I taste is sodium

Show me a place I can go
I need to rest my hands and let things go
So I can lend my brother a shoulder to cry on
What's Africa if Ghana falls a divided republican
And the descendants ask "could they have done better"?

We are young and to-be forefathers and I say we can do better

Show me a place I can go
Where the black star still glows
I was suppressed by enmity
Pathos of the new community
Post-independence era colonized by selfish men and their inequity

Democracy shouldn't fall if we uphold humanity
Show me a place I can go
From this place so cold even absent snow

by Aubrey Aidoo

 Posted by: Aubrey Aidoo

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