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Dream Along With Me

Invision a lovely waterfall, and see the birds soar in the blue sky.
See angels playing on their harps, and hear them sing a song for you and I.
Feel the gentle wind wrap around your soul and feel it take utter control.
Now picture a rainbow and slide down it with me.
See all the pretty colors the leaves have, their golden hue and look at them,
and see how beautiful they all are.
Pick a flower and inhale its sweet nectar and place it in a picture book,
for all times to come.
Now dream along with me if you will...
and see candy canes and chocolate bars dancing in your mind.
Smile at all the fair maidens dancing just for you and I.
See the swans swimming and breath in all its beauty, that you see.
Dream happy dreams and feel lost in its glory.
You can close your eyes and see many lovely things,
such as fairies dancing with their wings that flutter in the wind-
You can invision angels kissing one another and see a cupid blowing a gentle kiss,
in the wind.
You may see many beautiful things, things..I may not be able to discribe.
But above all this, dream along with me, and see what I see.
You may soar to the heavens along with me and see a lovely lake,
and see the animals, one by one, go into an ark.
You can taste honey on your mouth,
and feel you are headed south, to go to another place on the map.
You can even rest for awhile, in heaven and take a nap, with me.
All the lovely things in this world, can be yours for the taking,
but for now dream along with me and see all the beauty the world doth possess,
and see me in my long wedding dress.
We shall marry each other in time and you shall be all mine.
We will fal in love anew and I will wear something white and something blue.
I will blow kisses to you, and you will catch them one by one.
Yes for now, dream along with me and invision leaves falling from their trees,
and I will see you walking to the flowers and smelling them as they rest in their bed.
You are the man for me and I am the woman for you...
so for now, let us dream and see the stars in the nights sky, and hear laughter in the air.
We will be as happy as can be and always love one another.
Let us dream of all the loveliness we seek in life, as we walk hand in hand on the beach,
and see the sand and feel it between our toes, and feel the wind sweep us into another deminsion.
Let us thank the gods for bringing us together and let us dream forever a dream we wish to never escape.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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