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Paradise of Love

We are by a lake looking at the two swans and we are like those swans,
so beautiful, so lovely.
Our eyes are mesmorized by the candor of them swimming as a couple in love,
so it seems, and together they kiss with their necks.
We recelect the times we spent alone, in the shadows of the night,
and we kiss romantically as we gaze at the stars so bright.
We are in love, tis' true and each time we embrace, we feel like our love is brand new.
We are the best of lovers and the best of friends, and we never argue or fuss,
this is true and we get along so perfectly.
We are meant to be together for all eternity.
And like those swimmign swans, we are lovely to see, as our love shines,
like the sun and glimmers like the moonlit night.
We will take a magical flight to the heavens above,
one day...and be as happy as clams, in love.
We shall hold hands all the time and look at other couples in love,
as they walk on cobble stones and then we will blow them a cupids gentle kiss,
for their love to always be true bliss.
For now, we shall be in our own paradise of love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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