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A Moment's Breath

We seek love, we are in love, we feel tender love.
We sigh, we cry, we try to renew our special love, all the time.
You belong to me, and I shall belong to you forever and ever.
We will never cease loving one another-
We shall endure many trials and tribulations and stand firm and tall.
We will outlast them all and in a moments breath, we will see another world
and take in all its beauty and glory and we shall have our own story to tell.
We shall go in history books and they will tell our story of much love and contentment.
We will never fear others, and no one can tear us apart.
We are each others loves, souls and hearts.
You are mine and I am all yours and we will always be together, through the storms and the rain,
and you shall be my only love to call my own again and again.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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