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When We Touch

When we touch, we embrace one another and are like two roses entertwined into ectascy devine.

When we hug we are snuggled close in bed at night and are like two doves fallen in love anew.

I trust in you and you trust in me.
We are two embers glowing in the nights gentle wind.

I love you and you love me this I know to be true.
Two candles we are, lit up like two crystals in the sand, and we understand one another.

You are the man of my dreams and I know that I am the lady of your dreams as well.

We are beauty in the making and forsaking all other past lovers, and we talk not of them,

but of our special and tender love instead.
You are my bread and I am your water and we never falter.

We are combined like flowers in their bed, nestled together for a long summers nap,

but still alive they are, looking at us, watching over us...and they smile at us at times.

We are alone at times, and we love one another and in a moments breath, we tenderly sigh,

and look into each others pools of loving embrace as we yet again take in each others soul

and lose control and fall into oblivian and then we find ourselves all alone, but with each other.

So let us feel the candor and the splendor of our love and breath the air and feel its gentle wind,

and always remain soul mates and the best of friends.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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