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If We Ever Shall Meet Again

If we ever cross paths or meet again,
we shall fall in love anew.
If you come my way will you please stay with me my love?

If we live together, will we by happy and content?
I hope that one fine day, that we will meet again,
and love one another, cause' it won't be a sin, to be together,

as man and as wife.
You'll erase all the sadness and blue away and make me happy all over.

You'll dance with me in the sweet tender clovers and make love to me

as if I wore a prize.
I will realize how much you care for me when you entertwine with me and kiss my lips-

of honey dew and I will always think of you when we are apart.

You are my soul, you are my heart and my only desire.

I will love you forever and then sum my prince of beauty and candor,

and I will cherish every waking moment we share in my soul, mind and heart.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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quot-img-1The capacity of a man is"I WANT TO,BUT I CANNOT".Why should you hope in such creature,whilst the Creator Himself is available?

By: Kyei-Afrifa Mannhei quot-img-1