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We Three Witchs

We three witches, dance all together,
under the pale moon light.
We take flight on our brooms at night.
We chant spells and mix our potions in that black kettle,

and we sing tunes only we witchs know.
We three witches, walk to a cemetary, and summon up a ghost.

We make the ghost do our bidding and the ghost comes with us to our castle,

in the woods.
I would love to become a witch but for now, I will stay just myself, and wonder about

the beauty the witchs have inside their soul.
I know that I have read about witchs and their magical powers and learn much witch craft,

yes...I have.
I study about witchs and warlocks too, and conjure up spells in my mind,

but have never tried magic alone, I only think about what spell magic I will cast one day,

when and if I become a witch.
The three witchs I foresee in my minds eye, coming to me and making me one of them.

in their coven of love and lust, and I shall be happy just knowing that I too can be like

one of those three witches one day!

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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