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Why Have You Left Me

Why have you left me, where did you go?
Why won't you come back to me, my prince.
We had a love so pure, so rich and true.
You wore the only one I wished to romance me., you are gone and I hope you are content, without me,
by your side.
Are you longing for my embrace, my touch still, or is there someone new,
in your life?
These questions, I may never know but all I know is that I love you so,
and shall for the end of time.
I wished you would return back to me and kiss my lips of honey dew once more,
and explore new places with me, but this is a pipe dream that may never come true.
I am writing in my journal all the places we been to and taping the photos of us,
in my book and reminsce about a love that has dies in your soul, heart and mind for me.
I will treasure these pictures of you and I and shed those tears that I have been crying.
I know that some day, I may see you again and when I do, I will welcome you back into my life.
You wore my husband and I was your loving wife and I was faithful to you, does this not count?
These are the questions, I wish to ask you one day- but for now, All I can do is hope and pray,
that you will come back to me riding atop a white horse with a black diamond on its' forehead,
and love me once again-I shall hope in my heart...and you need to know one thing,
that I was always good to you, I neve strayed and never lost my way, as you made our home, happy
and content.
I will never resent falling in love with you my dearest, and there will always be a place in my heart for you...
and you are the apple of my eye and that tis' no lie, you shall always be my soul mate and if fate allows us, too..
we shall reunite as one like a sweet summers song, and our love will flourish like flowers on a spring day.
For now..I will wish for you to come back to me my love and hold me once more...
You are the only man I deeply love and adore and I shall never replace you with another love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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