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Seeing You Once Again

I see you in the shadows of my mind and I find comfront in knowing that I shall see you once again.

I feel your utter presence overwhelming me and I feel happy just knowing, we will meet again.

You are my one desire and you kindle the fire inside my very own soul.

I feel we will be together yet again and love the way we used to.

But..for now, you are so far away and I only can invision us together, loving one another-

like we used to do.
You're the one for me and I am the one for you, this much is true.

I love only one man and tis' you.
You're the dream I been searching for, for so long.

Our love was strong and beautiful and ever lasting-

so I know and feel in time, that we will be as one in another place and time.

I will want for you to hold me once more and tell me that I am the one you truly adore.

I can explore with you new horizons and our destiny for us is to take leave of this world and enter another one.

You will come to me in due time, this much I know and we will be as one forever, my sweet love of mine.

We will climb those mountains so high and soar to that yonder blue sky and feel alive and care free.

We will take a magical flight to a paradise we never been to before and fall in love all over again anew.

You are my cup of tea and each time we kiss, we feel we are brand new.

Lovers we shall be again and thinking of this much, makes my heart race.

Some day you will come back to this place and hold my hand and prove your love to me...

and make me understand that you loved me all along.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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