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Missing Your Love

As I sit here, in dispair, I am thinking fondly of you now.

I am all alone, in my quite home- and wondering why you left me.

I cry those soft tears and all those new fears creep in again.

I am lost in the pouring rain and all alone I am once again, without you by my side.

Where can I run to, where can I hide?
My heart is broken into and you are not here so the tears keep flowing,

cascading down my alabaster skin.
Why did you leave me, where are you now?
These questions keep surfacing on my mind.
I long for your touch, your warm embrace.
Just to see your face once again, would make my day. had to go far away, and leave me in a shattered shell.

I fell in love with you on a summers' morn and felt reborn each time we touched,

or kissed.
I reminisce about the past and feel our love will outlast all other loves, but then again-

I could be wrong.
It is like a song, our love was, and I feel one day, you shall return and that your love is still

embedded like the roses are in their garden, all nestled so quietly together.

Surely, your love will fill your soul once again for me, and you shall return and as this is my one hopes desire,

is to see your smiling face again, those dark colored eyes romancing me yet again.

Would it be a sin to make love to you again, would it be so wrong to fall in love with me once more?

I adore you, and implore you to return back to me..

Maybe one day we will meet again on a stormy and rainy night, and you will put your arm around me and make me feel safe.

You will take that umbrella of yours and keep me safe from the rain, but I know I can not feel safe until, I am in your loving arms,

once again.
I will patiently await for you to come back to me...

All, I can do is pray, that someday-you will long for me and need my sweet love.

So for now...I shall be that rose with thorns on it, and embrace life for all its' worth and love you, my long distance lover,

and think of you fondly.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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