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A Winters' Dream

I look outside my window- and I see the falling snow,

it lands on the soft awaiting groudn below.
I love the winter and love the coldness in the air.

It is so fair, the snow- the color of clouds in the blue sky.

I wonder why it is white, and not green...but then if it wore,

it may look odd, on the green grass.
At last, I come to a conclusion the reason it it white, as it comes

from the clouds that rest gently and gingerly in the skies above.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.
We get gifts for one another, and is a good reason to love Christmas time.

Some folks love the autumn or summer or spring the very most,

but not me, I love winter the best, out of all the seasons.

There is a good reason as my son was born on a winter day!

I prayed for a boy and got my wish, and then another son-I carrried

inside me until I had him on a winter's day as well, so I celebrate winter, tis true,

and winter is such a beautiful time of the year with lots of snow and lots of trees bare,

without a single brown or green leaf on them.
Do not get me wrong, I love the other seasons too, but winter is the time for cherishing each other,

during the festive holidays such as Christmas and Chanukah and Kawanzaa day as well.

I celebrate all of these festive days, and give gifts to the needy.

I am not greedy and give from the heart, and soul.
I love the many holidays we have on the calender, and cherish all of them, I shall til the end of time.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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