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When We are Together.

When we are together, I smile at you.
You make me feel elated and never frustrated.
You are the great love of my life-
and I am proud and honored to be your loving loyal wife.

We have seen many things throughout our yrs,
and now that we are in our golden yrs. together,
things just only keep getting better for us.
Our children have all grown up and we are in this great big house,

but it is not empty as we hear the echos of our children, laughing and joking.

We can feel their presense even though they moved away and have their own lives to live.

We will be a couple for all times to come, my sweet love, and we shall never part, and always

know in our minds and souls and hearts that we are to be together forever.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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