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Weeping Willow

I seen a weeping willow and seen it cry.
Why was it crying, I do not know this.
The willow waved at me but seemed ever so sad.
I seen it's large eyes staring at me, glaring at me as if to say...

''come over and play with me"
it just seemed so helpless and all alone.
Just standing there, by itself.
I wanted to run over to it, and give it a great big hug...

but I did not.
I decided though, to sing it a melodious tune and it seemed..

to smile after I sang my own little song for it.
The weeping willow is not crying anymore, as I made a friend,

on that special day, and now I dream about my friend, the weeping willow,

as I rest my head gingerly on my pillow.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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