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When Our Love Blossoms

When our love blossoms, it it like spring time,
and when we kiss, it is fall all over again with the leaves turning burnt orange and bright yellow.

When we hug one another, it is like winter, we feel cozy all over, and warm to the touch.

When we romance each other- it is like summer, and we fall in love anew, all over again.

Our love blossoms all the time when we are together, alone.

We do not long for another, only to be near each other and none other will do for us,

and we kiss on that summer's morn and embrace yet again, as the clock keeps on ticking,

so does our love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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quot-img-1Trust less, because what you normally see on the surface is not necessarily what lies beneath.

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1