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Dancing Angels by the Sea

I see the dancing angels by the sea, one two three, do I gaze upon dancing by that blue sea.

They look as happy as can be, as they dance to and fro, and look at the seashells, as they smile happily,

at one another.
They all seem so mystical, so magickal.
The angels are like tiny fairies as well, as they make their wish by the sea, to insure happiness surrounds them,

and the world.
I love angels as they remind me of everthing that is lovely and beautiful to behold.

They hold onto their musical instruments, their harps, and play them carefully now.

They sing songs of love and beauty.
The candor in their music is so wonderful, and enchanting.

I wish to become an angel or fairy one day- and sing my songs on a flute.

Won't that be so cute?
Won't it be swell...if one day, I become a fairy or angel?

I will just gaze at them all for now- dancing and playing their harps and seeing them all smile at one another.

They are all so lovely tis' true, and they wear white dresses and their hair is flaxen color with braids.

They look like miniture dancing maids.
All in a row they are, like tiny flowers nesting in their bed, and I think inside my head, that someday-

I may be their friend instead of only watching them.

I wish to be like them someday, and run away from the world and feel my soul absord into another deminsion.

I may be like them already and do not even know it yet, but you can bet- I will become their best friend,

when they come my way and ask me to dance the dance by the sea, and I will be as giddy as can be.

They are all so special to me and I want to be like them, as carefree as can be.

The dancing angels are in perfect unison as they dance together now, and I would take a bow to all of them,

as they are like goddessses somehow and should be worshipped as if they are all deities.

I will want to dance with them on some summer's night and take a magickal flight to the heavens, with them one day-

but for now I will only watch these sweet angels dance from here to france and just glance at them with my azure eyes,

and realize to myself that they can never speak unkind words or tells lies.

Yes...perhaps one day, I shall be like them all and leave this old world behind afterall and feel alive inside my mind,

and find the peace I have been searching for all along and be strong like them and laugh at myself and the mistakes,

I have made and feel like I am one with the universe and this is my quest in life and then I will grant wishes to others,

and smile at all the children and heal others as well. This much I feel is truth.

I will never be dishonest or be I will always have good manners and always shall I tell the honest truth,

as I feel these angels are always honest in all they whisper and say, and I will await for that very day, that I too..

can be an angel and just dance by that sea of dreams and vivid imagination and care for all people throughout the nations.

I will be as good as gold and even when I am gray and old, I will still shine like a beacon and be as good to others,

as I can possibly be and care for all those that need for me to care for them.

I will be that angle dancing by the day, just wait and see.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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