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The Magickal Key Is Love

You hold the key to love, and embrace it, once you find true love.

Hold onto that photo and kiss the picture you hold into your hand.

Thank of love in the shadows of your mind.
Cast a spell to meet him again and feel the magick spin over and over,

in your mind yet once again.
You will see in your minds' eye the man of your dreams, and believe in the

magick you weave.
You know the magick is real and you shall offer the gods or goddesses, food and wine.

They love to feel your love and above all this, they will grant your wish tonight.

So... at midnight, cast this spell to have love in your life.

You just may become some ones' lover tonight.
Tomorrow may bring you a new person or a friend.
You will see before your eyes, somone new or someone you met long ago.

Cast the spell soon and you will believe and know that the power of the god or goddess,

has blessed you so.
Feel magick surround your very soul, and feel the romance enter your mind...

You will know then that you are not alone.
And remember,"The magickal key is love."

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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