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Casting a Secret Spell

We walk merrily along our way-
and we find leaves and acorns for our pouches.
We gather earths' precious treasures, and make a secret wish.

Now take your leaves and acorns and place upon the altar,

you have made and cast a spell for true love, to come your way.

Light a red candle for romance and a white one, that symbols you,

and make that secret wish.
Thank the god or goddess of your choice...while casting your spell.

You will feel embraced by your deity.
You can place a picture of yourself at the altar, and engrave your name,

into the white candle, and close your eyes whilst casting your love spell.

You will feel passion flowing in your heart, and soul.

You will know and feel the magick begin.
There is no end to magick as magick is love and love is magickal.

You know that magick is something you can cherish in one's heart,

as magick has been in the beginning, and always will stay in the minds eye.

You will embrace the magick you weave and believe in its' power.

Dance for the deity you have selected and listen to the music.

Just feel the warmth of the God or Goddess, and feel his or her love,

and it does not take a lot of magick but do feel a kinship to it.

Feel the romance in your soul, and dance under the moon.

And soon- you shall have your spell answered when you dream at night.

You will see angels perhaps in your vivid dreams telling you the one-

or showing you the love that shall enter your life.

Do not worry or fret, he or she will come to you yet,

and when she or he does, be gracious and thankful to your deity.

Yes magick is fun to cast and at last, all your dreams shall come true, for you.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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