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Holding onto a Dream

We kiss, we reminisce.
We often dream of a lost love.
We think to ourselves, of the one that got away.
We picture a time that has gone past, and at last...

we see images so vivid and true and then we are alone,

feeling sad and blue-because we don't have our loved one in our life,

We channel thoughts in our mind and find a time we wore lovers

and friends.
We can not forget the times we spent together, as such.

We miss each other so very much.
We will find solace one day in the shadows of our minds

and find that peace we offered to one another so long ago.

We hold onto a dream that we can never let go,
and a sigh of relief we shall feel in our hearts souls and mind,

once we see that promise land and then we shall see one another-

yet once again.
So just let us hold onto that magical dream and feel alive,

in our minds.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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