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Your Love is Like a Rose

Your love is like a rose, so brilliant and bright.
Your love sends me on a most delightful flight.
Your love is sheer beauty and esquisite to behold.
Your love is young and it never grows old.
Your love is candor in the midst and your love is strong.

Your love is the wind that sings to me a new song.
Your love is the air I breath, and your love is the moon that shines above.

Most of all, your love is the whisper I hear gently in the night, calling me to come to you...

and your love is the autumn and with its falling leaves, I see you in each leaf.

Your love is that mirror of lovlines when each time, I look into that mirror,

I see you staring back at me.
Your love is the spring, that sings to me ever so beautiful and the rain that pours down from the yonder blue skies,

makes me realize, your love is there for me all along.

What else can I say but that your love- shall always be there for me, like the love of the doves that dance in that sky.

No need to wonder how or why-I just know somehow that your love will always be here and stay in my heart for you.

Your love, what a wonderful feeling to share with you.

You are that rose and your love is like a soft rose, that shall never fade for me, and you will want for me forever, this much I doth know.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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