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The Sea

The sea is beautiful and blue.
It is so lovely to behold and the seas are very old...

so I am told.
I love going to the sea now and then when I can, and am

mesmorized by its candor!

The sea, can be like a good companion or even a friend,

as there is no end to its warm and embracing friendship or kinship.

The sea is wonderful to gaze at and I love it so.

The sea has been around before I was even born and I feel reborn again-

in nature each time I look into its' awaiting waters.

I feel like one of the seas daughters.

I wonder if the sea even sees me as well as I see it?

I wonder if it notices me smiling at its lovely waters?

I wonder if I will perhaps live by the sea one day.

Perhaps I shall one day, will see.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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