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Lust: Is It Sin Or Not?

Lust is all around us, practially, in magazines, dance clubs, strip joints and bars. It is a natural and healthy and spontaneous feeling to aquire, lust is-in my opinion. Some individuals feel lust after being aroused by sexual adult movies or shows or entering night clubs, where men and women wear tight or lose clothing...and people view sexualy explicit magazines with individuals whom are nude. But can some forms of lust be good for the mind, soul and body as well as the spirit? Some forms of lust may be good for ones' soul, I say..that is, if it is done in moderation.

There are religious people or most of them are, that may feel or believe lust is a deadly sin. More and more indiviudals lust these days, so is lust a terrible thing to desire for another?Not necessarily as I feel most people feel some form of lust.

It's like greed-too much of it is wrong to feel, if we greed too, for tons of currency or money, or we covet thy neighbors wife or commit adultery, these are far worse then lust, wouldn't you agree or not agree? It is up to you what you agree on.

Many people have murdered and this is a grave sin-but many still kill others. I am not saying all people lust, greed or murder, some do and some do not even desire to do such dasterdly acts such as steal and lie on others or murder even.

In the book of Excodos, which informs us not to murder, is an excellent commandment. And greed and shelfishness are sins as well as envy( for what someone else has or owns) and jealousy are sins too, so don't count them out as just light sins that are easily forgiven. And you must forgive in order to be forgiven as well.

So which sin do you feel is the worst kind and I am not here to condemn another.

War is wrong as well as it is still murdering one another. This is my honest feelings about this one. We should not long or lust( for materilistic things or objects) as there are different forms of lust besides sexual lust for one another. Greed should not fill ones' heart and greed is a form of lust in a sense as if we long for something, greed for it, we are in turn lusting for something, do you agree on this one or not?

The gods granted a certain man, during bibical times, and he has so much greed in his heart and soul and he later regretted it. And do remember the more you greed, the less happier you shall become.

Well, I sincerly hope my article was of some help to many and that if you need to feel a longing for another, love is the key ingredient and you may feel some form of lust on occasions but does not make you a bad or evil everyone has lusted from time to time, just be a good and decent soul, and others will see you for whom you really are...and do not lie on others or steal from someone as is wrong sins to act upon but if you have done these things, you can always find forgiveness from others and forgive yourself as well.

Well thanks for dropping in folks, and happy holidays to you!

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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