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Your Love

Your love is like the seas, so beautiful and bold.
Your love is like a mountain, so tall and so old.
Your love is like a vivid dream, so it may seem,
and your love is like magick, with power within.
Your love is like candy, it taste dandy.
Your love is like cinnamon and sugar combined.
Your love is so fine.
Your love is like the trees, and the leaves that fall gingerly,

to the soft awaiting ground.
Your love can be heard for miles and miles and sometimes,

your love does not even make a single sound,
But I know your love is there for me and the wind carries,

your words to me, and I hear all you have to say to me,

in the echoes of my mind.
Your love is a colorful rainbow, so lovely to behold

Your love is silver and gold, and your love never grows old.

I love loving you and I love the way you love me.
Your love will stay with me in my heart for always.

The end

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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