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River of Love

A river of love, doth I see.
I embrace it with all my heart and soul.
I love looking at the water, and I find myself, getting lost in it.

I gaze into that mirror of lost hopes and dreams, and it seems-

I am a child once again!

I love looking into that river, and gaze into it often,

and I feel alone, isolated and trapped at times-
but then again I feel free and alive at the same time!

The river of dreams, seems to beckon me to come hither,

and so I do.
The river of love, embellishes me and I want to play in her waters,

and be as one with the river of hopes and dreams.

I may not want to escape all the time, into it, but yet then again-

I do at times wish to bond as one with her waters.

Ahh...that river, makes me feel happy and sometimes sad.

The river of love makes me feel I am as one with the universe and that I am at peace.

I do take solace in knowing that the river is my friend even if at times, it wants to reach out,

and grab me and take me in forever.

The river of love is full of beauty and the candor in it, is so amazing.

One day I may come back as a river, and befriend all whom I see and know.

The river is a friend true, and I shall always want to escape into its other world and be as one,

with it.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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