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Christmas is Near

Christmas time is near, and we all cheer inside our souls and hearts.

We go to see loved ones and bring them presents.
We light up the tree and sing outside our Christmas songs.

We gather for the feast, and eat the turkey or ham.

Christmas time is a splendid time to embrace one another,

like our mother, father or friends or sister and brother.

I love Christmas time the most, as it is the Holy-Ghost Birthday!

I also love Christmas cause' I feel closer to my family and friends.

Christmas should be full of love and caring for the whole world.

There are some people that do not believe in Santa or Christmas,

but I sure do!
I love Santa and his eight raindeers and I love to sing my Santa songs,

for my friends and family.
I love to make up Christmas songs and record them for fun.

Yes Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with someone you love.

Christmas should be in our hearts at all times, but some, do not want to celebrate this festive

holiday but there are many others, thank God that believe in celebrating this fine day, and they love

to send gifts to others, in the mail.
I am glad Christmas comes around and glad the children dream of Santa Clause in their minds,

at night and they take much delight in seeing what Santa brought for them when they awaken on Christmas Day!

So keep Christmas in your heart for all times to come if you love this holiday and never lose the spirit of sharing

and caring.
Love Christmas for all times!

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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