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River of Dreams...

I look at you, I feel something inside of me, telling you you are the One... I stare at your picture and feel you staring back at me. I know some how, we wore meant to be together. I gaze into the mirror and see a reflection of a woman in love, and then I hear you, gently and tenderly, whisper my name...and then I smile and sigh. I want to cry because you love me so. I feel a desire, only few women feel for a man, a longing that takes my breath away, and I want to stay in your arms forever. You are my dream come true and only one man, do I loveth, and tis you. I care for you more then mere words can ever express, and I laugh at all your silly jokes. I invoke the spirits to join us together forever and ever, and I know they listen to me. You know I am a witch and have cast a spell on you, to always stay with me. I never want to lose you, or be without you, in this life. I want to remain your wife for all times to come. I will succumb to you and be your love for all the time and love only you, my prince and I shall be your fantasy lover forever and then some... So let us look into that river of lost hopes and dreams and find ourselves, in love anew.... the end.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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