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Echos in the Night

I hear your soft voice, echo in the still of the night.

I take delight in hearing you beckoning me from afar.

I know now that you are thinking of me, and you always said

that I was your shining star.

You always seemed to make me feel at peace, and you always swept me right off

my dainty feet.
Your love is so tender, mild and sweet.

You are the one that I hear at night when in bed, I am tucked in so tight.

I can feel your presence near me, asking me to kiss you gingerly on the lips.

I see an image of you dancing in my mind and I see a treasure find, standing before my very own blue eyes.

I realize, it has been you all along that made me feel strong and made me feel a passion only few people feel.

I feel you touching and caressing my soul, that bonds with yours.

You are my one hope desires and my everything, your love never burns or stings my soul.

You left me at one time but you came back to me and I know in time, our love will grown even stronger.

You are my angel man and I am your princess.
And together will fly to the magical heavens above and be in love forever more!

the end

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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