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My Special Love

Your love is strong as the winds of time.
Even the wind can not blow out our special love.
Your heart and soul belongs to me now,
and we are a perfect couple together.
We laugh and we play and we kiss one another softly.

Your love is endearing and heart felt.
And I simply melt when you look into my eyes of blue.

Yes, only you can make me feel love and only you have that special charm

that entrances me into oblivian.
You make me feel whole and complete, and you sweep me off my feet.

The man I feel in love with, loves me back.
There is no mistaking, I would not trade you, for all the money or gold in the whole wide world.

You are my everything.
You are that candle that glows alone for me, and you are that tallest mountain, that I wish to climb and explore..

and much more then this, you are the wind that carries me to you.

I love only one man tis true, and that is stay with me forever and be my man for all times to come,

for we are perfect for one another, my special love.

the end

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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