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Dance of the Angels

I see them dancing to and fro, like fairies inside a colorful sky...

and all sliding down a magical rainbow of many dreams.

They all seem so lovely to behold.
Some are sprinkled with silver and gold.
They dance a dance to never forget.
They have no regrets as they never do no wrong or harm.

They sound their trumpets like an alarm and wake the sleeping children up at night...

and then the children and the angels all take a magical flight to a paradise few have seen or known.

They are all happy and elated inside their souls, and they dance another dance as they slide down that rainbow.

I would love to play with them and listen to them sing, and watch the dance of the angels for all times to come.

Witchy Crone-poem

The old crone, walks down a cobbled road,
carrying her magic book in hand.
She enters a graveyard and read an incantation, from a passage in her book.

She tosses bones and sticks and berries and nuts onto the ground...

requesting a god to do her bidding.
An apparition forms and comes to life.
Why have you brought me here, what do you want witch? it slowly speaks to her.

She cackles,"I wish for you to do my every bidding and be at my beck and call!"

"You shall have eternal life, I promise you, and if you do not honor me, back into the dark cold ground you go!"

He begins to worship her and follows the old crone, back to her eerie castle.

There she makes him wash the laundry, clean the place and eat his scraps.

He collapse and says, "No more! Put me back into the cold ground again witch!

Release me from this agony you invoked on me!"

She conjures up a spell and he disappears into a black cloud of smoke.

She will recast on another victim tomorrow night and find a ghost whom will do her,

every bidding.

Gothic Witch

A witch she is, dressed in black attire.
Candle lit, she gazes at the flickering fire.
She summons up a magic spell
and weaves her magic very well.
She eyes the omniscient moon god
and cackles with a wicked laugh.
She knows her spell has been blessed as she placed an evil hex,

on an unsuspecting soul.

She walks to the cross roads and tosses the
devil's card onto the forked road.
She spits on the picture of her victim
that was circled with a pentagram and tosses
it as well.
Now she leaves and fly's on her broom,
back to her magical castle she goes!!!

Crimson love

Red is the color of our love and embraced in the heart of joy, truth and forgiveness.

Poetry is our words and soft is the wind in the air when you hold, touch and feel me from

a distance.
The rain covers us when we are together and the dreams are wonderful we share.

To think of another is dishonest and unfair.
To love only you is what I care to have, in my mind.

Finding another will never happen as you are my warmth, my blanket of that warms me many times

and you're my hearts only desire.
Shall I love another?
You are ''it'' for me and my crimson heart of love still and always will reign for you and never anyone else.

White Flowers

You covered me with white petals and smothered me with tender kisses and told me no other you could ever love,

but me alone.
I cherish the white flowers and kept them locked up in my chest of dreams and hopes...hoping one day again you shall,

come for me and it won't be a dream any more, but for now...I'll dream of my white flowers and take refuge in the knowledge

that you did at one time love me.


Your love and sweetness are inspirational to me, and your warm hand that touches mine,

shows you care.
Please always have that sweet kindness in your heart for me for a thousand years...

as long as the sun shines and the moon is above the black velvety skies and the eagle flies and the owl is perched on the limb

ad the sand pours from the hour me still, if you will.


I feel at a complete loss without you, and where have you gone to?

It is like you are in another place, and lost from all reality.

Did I anger you in some way?
Has your love died for me?
I hope not cause baby, I still love and desire you and none other.

Think of me will you and remember whom told you sweet words.

Recall our first meeting, our first embrace but still honey, come back to me from that far away place you are in

and love me, hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay.

Remain with me, and lose yourself in me, not in a false illusion and clear your mind of anything that comes into your path that is...

negative and feel the goodness of love we still have.

Promise me you will love me forever and then some and see the light, not the darkness that has been embedded in your soul,

for so long.
Do not live in it, this darkness or dwell in it any longer.

Be strong, hold onto what we have cause' it was a blessing in the very beginning that was sent to us, from the heavens above my love.

Magical Fairies

See them dance on the midnight velvet skies.
See them dance, for all the gods.
Hear them laugh and catch a glance at their beauty.

They are all lovely to behold.
Dance with them and feel their joy!
No animosity do they ever feel.
They are life like and so real.
You ay wish to become one of them one day...
and then dance with them all the time.
They sing as well and cast magical spells, on others.

They are wonderful fairies, all joyous in their hearts and souls.

I would like to become a fairy one day and dance the night away,

swept by it's magical powers and be as one with all the magical fairies.

Doves in Love

When two doves see one another, they snuggle and kiss.

These special doves love each other and are fond of one another.

I love to see the two white doves, as they fall in love.

It is magical and splendid, to know they care for one another.

I would like to become a dove and one day in another distant time,

I would fly to the heavenly sky and think of the love I left behind.

I would find a solace and peace in the magical heavens and be gentle in my mind.

I would dance and soar with the angels and feel elated inside.

Yes, one day...I may become a dove and fly for all to see and feel happy all over.

I would be as happy as a dove in love and happy like the heavenly angels.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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