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Looking Through The Crystal Ball....

Looking through the crystal ball, I see you and me together.

We are so much in love and wedding bells do I see in the crystal ball.

We will be lovers and wedded partners for life.

What else do I see?
I see we are rich, beyond our wildest dreams.
I see us living in the country or on a ranch with horses, and we ride atop of them,

and ride in the country together.

What else do I see?
I see us smiling at one another affectionately.
We kiss sweetly and hold hands as we are looking into one anothers' eyes.

What else do I see?
I see us with a new born babe.
It is our love child named Ambroshia.
She has blue eyes like the colour of the blue sea.

What else do I see?
I see a never ending love for us, one we can write in a journal, and eventually it shall be written into a novel.

This is all I see for now, but I will gaze into my crystal ball at a later date and time.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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