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HAWA YAKUBU - 3YEARS ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a poem written for Hon Hawa Yakubu on the occasion of world women's day, this piece of literature made it to the middle pages of Crusading Guide(Ghana, 2005) and the Metro(London, United Kingdom)

On the 3rd anniversary celebration of the passage of the late Hawa Yakubu into glory we (members of hawafoundation) recall the words of this poem which captures in essence; the personality and attributes of Hawa Yakubu

If you dream it then you can achieve it
Being Hawa : requires reflection in solitude
Sleep begat dreams
Naps may begat Nightmares
Yet Hawa's Dream does not come to those who fall asleep

Being Hawa : means to be a celebrant of hard work,

zeal, zest and enthusiasm
Dream Hawa : An ever uplifting feeling for the bleak in spirit

To superintend a cathedral of hope
You must live the Hawa's dream
In unraveling Dream Hawa
D - daring to be different from the very best.
R – Rock in distress moments
E – Endures all vicissitudes
A- Added value to what already exist
M – Monarch of all that she surveys
This dream needs great vision shared
Precision in attaining the mission
Marching to the music of your time
Comes with the Hawas' dream
Yet the mission as propelled is always timeless.
Bigotry, ineptitude, narrow minded
Prejudice have no place in Dream Hawa
Fallible thou art Hawa
Yet there is nothing wrong

With Hawa that which is right
Cannot fix
A great relief in living the Hawa's Dream.
NB: celebrating a woman of immeasurable repute on the occasion of world's women day.

Written by members of HawaFoundation
Michael Appiah , Ottawa Canada

James Kwabena Bomfeh, Ghana
Opoku Allen Kwadwo, London
Patricia Amissah, Ottawa, Canada
Michael Whyte , Saskatchewan Canada
Obbeng Emmanuel , London
Dr. Lambert Obbeng, Ghana
Priscilla Tetteh, Oxford, UK
Yaw Boafo Agyemang, Ghana
Seth Asamoah, Ghana
Fiifi Panford , Ghana

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