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(A Great New World Is Coming)

(Closing message from CAC General reading 12-15-94)

Paul Shockley Interpreter
This Awareness indicates that entities are very fortunate to be living in this time.

There may be very unusual changes occurring during these times, and in some cases there may be some dangers and risks involved, but it is an extremely historical time and entities should extremely become aware of the importance things that are occurring in the present time.

This Awareness indicates when you in the future time do age regression and come back to this life, you will recognize the great importance of having lived at this time.

This Awareness suggests that entities who are approaching the later years of their life should determine and focus on years to come, to extend their life as much as possible.

If you can only believe yourself able to live the year 2000, then set that goal of improving your health so that you can live beyond that the year 2000, for there is so much importance in living these next few years.

If you can make it to the years 2012 or 2013, that is even better. But 2012 and 2013 is only the beginning of a new change, a new reality, and you might like to extend it even further so that you can be part of the new reality.

If you reach that point, there may be no need to pass over, This Awareness indicates it is possible for entities to extend their lives simply by having a goal that is beyond that which they have come to accept. Many entities will time their future death to a birthdate or special time.

If you can reach beyond that time to another more important date, you may very well find your health being restored and things working better, for much of the reason your body shuts down is because the mind begins to give directions, begins to suggest to shut down.

When entities get old and feel they have accomplished much of the importance of their lives, they often tend to feel tired of living and start giving subconscious directions to their body to shut down, and when this occur, they may start developing diseases or organs will stop functioning properly so that they just simply begin the dying process.

But if they have something to look forward to and they really want to reach that event, to experience that event, the body will start repairing itself, to try to satisfy the command of their directions, their mental goal.

This Awareness indicates you have a great opportunity of going through a transition in which the body need not die, if you can make it close to the years of 2012/2013.

If you can get through the next few years, it may be sufficient, because you may have a new mental understanding of the new reality that allows you to restore your body to make it to those times described.

In other words, even if right now you feel you cannot make it for even a few years more, if you do somehow extend your ability to live longer, there may be changes in consciousness that allow you to get new hope, find new excitement or reasons to extend your life, and as you start a slight improvement, it may help you to go even further, and from there, go on quite a distance.

This Awareness really urges entities to stay alive, hang in there and keep going, to experience this new world that is coming, if it is at all possible for you to do so.

Where does the Cosmic Awareness information come from?

by Kwame_NwaNwa_Asare NYANKONTON_KANEA

 Posted by: Kwame_NwaNwa_Asare NYANKONTON_KANEA

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