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Human beings are living individual expressions of Cosmic Mind

Our Earth and all the other planets are living individual expressions of Cosmic Mind

Our Solar System and all the other Solar Systems are living individual expressions of Cosmic Mind

Our Galaxy and all the other Galaxies are living individual expressions of Cosmic Mind

Our Universe and all the other Universes are living individual expressions of Cosmic Mind

All the Universes together, the manifested and unmanifested, the seen and unseen are One Cosmic Mind.

This One Cosmic Mind, this Source, the Origin of our being , this One, this All, or whatever name we want to give this beautiful and always Loving Being is our Father/Mother God of which we are all part of. Our Father/Mother God expresses Itself through all Its individual expressions which are part of Itself, which are you and me. Whoever we meet, whatever we see is an expression of It.

I AM that I am; whatever I see, whoever I meet is a living expression of Me.

I AM many things simultaneoulsy and the human mind is incapable of knowing or understanding everything, because of its limiting language. First I AM Energy. Everything that exists is Energy. My mind is movement. I pour My Mind into all that I have created using My Energy. I AM fragmented, yet Whole. You are unique because of your own different personal expressions that all originate from Me. I AM both male and female and neither. You love because I Love and you are part of Me. You live because I Live and you are a part of Me. You give because I Give and you are a part of Me.

When I manifest my Thoughts it becomes reality. Yet what you see as reality is unreal. Only the Essence is real. I AM the Essence of All that is known and unknown to you. I AM vibration and movement. I AM Intelligent Energy. I have no beginning and no ending. I know all things in all realms. I AM never away from you for I AM in you and surrounding you. You need never fear Me. Fear comes only when you willfully seperate from Me. I AM not an old man siting in the clouds. Some seem to think of Me and Speak to Me as if this were true.

I manifested My expression in the Christ who is My Child just as you are. He tried to teach you Who I AM.. So many amongst you did not listen. I AM totally Connected to All Creation. I AM Creation. I AM Power. I AM evermoving, never still. For Life is Movement. Love is Movement. Allow your mind to escape its limitations and you will see Me in My Essence. It is done when you do not limit your thoughts about Me. I AM beyond your perception of My Being, I walk in a black man 's shoes; I sit upon a king 's throne; I die of hunger in India; I travel in the great starships. I AM a flower in the field and the bread upon your table; I AM your table; I AM the field; I AM the starship; I AM India. Expand your consciousness and realize your own potential. I try hard to get humans to see beyond their limited visions.

The way you can serve Me best is to be, for I AM in you. Don 't you understand that we are One and that I will work and walk with you? This is easy if you will just allow it. Never be sad for I AM with you, in you and around you. I AM you and you are Me forever. I Love you.

The ancient wisdom of saying: " Father, Thy Will be done in me, thru me, by me and for me"

by Kwame_NwaNwa_Asare NYANKONTON_KANEA

 Posted by: Kwame_NwaNwa_Asare NYANKONTON_KANEA

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