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Witches Haven

The witches all gather around, they do not make a single sound...

as they pour forth the wine onto the earths' ground.

They are as one now, as they gather for the feast.
They eat the bread and drink from the golden chalice.

They do not seek envy, greed or malice.
They seek love and peace and serenity.
They are destined to be as one for all eternity.
I love my witchy friends, and we descend to a heavenly place, on earth.

I pray to the many god's and goddesses, in another time and place...

and I must face all my fears.
The gods and goddesses, will insure that I cast my spells well.

I will cast the magick with all my coven witches tonight, and then we will all,

take a magickal flight.
On broomsticks, we shall soar the dark skies and look at the effervescent moon. is shines so brightly for us all tonight.
We will become as a coven of one, and unite tonight.

We will be happy and elated, to know that our magick shall work.

I will stay with this coven, and take the bread and put into the oven, to bake it well...

then we shall yet again cast another spell.
Witches unite and fly together on that velvety dark atmosphere, after we have seen our futures in the sphere,

and then we will fly to another world, a new destination awaits for us.

We are the haven, and we speculate and dance for the God's and Godessess tonight.

We put the bones, and pebbles into the hot pot, as well as eye of newt, and we look all so beautiful,

in our witchy costumes...and I stand up and speak witchy words and then we smile at one another.

"Blessings be to the witches of the night, let us soar into the dark realm tonight, let the witches gone past,

of the north, south, east and west, bless our magick."

These words pour forth from my mouth and then we hum a tune, and all we crones, blow out the dark candle flames,

in a Goddess name and take solace in knowing that our magickal spells have been blessed tonight.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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