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Summer Love

You wore my first, I fell head over heels in love with you.

I awaited for your return, but you never came back to me.

I waited endlessly and still you wore not there to comfort or console me.

Why did you have to go away?
I wanted you alone, and we would romance each other, and loved one another..tis' true.

You took all the hurt, anger, sadness I used to feel, and we wore the best of lovers,

this world has ever known.
We grew to love one another, and love each other alone.

There was none other for me but you, my summer love...

and I hope, wish and pray, that some sweet day, you'll come back to me,

riding a white horse, and being my white knight.
We will again take that magical flight, just you and I, together, in a paradise of dreams...

as one day, I feel deep in my heart and in my soul, that we'll connect once again..

and be lovers in love, and find our way home, to a place we have been to before,

and we'll explore new horizons and fall in love anew...

but for now, I will patiently await for this dream to come true, and hope you will

yet again take away all the sadness and blue, and be all mine yet again.

So think of our summer love and recall all the happy times, we spent together,

kissing and romancing each other, and think of vivid times, we spent as friends as well.

I can tell you loved me so much in your heart, my summer love and above all this,

you wore the man for me and made me feel contentment and I have no bitter resentment,

because I know in my heart, that we wore meant to be, for all eternity.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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