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Adieu President YarÁdua!

Now the time has come
Now you have done and gone
Now history begins to reflect
Now Nigerians mourn

How come life seems shorter
For them who are humane
But longer for them who
Thread as gods on earth?

Yar'Adua, you've parted
Just off sight man's eye
But you live so long man
Recalls your good arts

A second old child is due
For recall – a Divine Decree
1951-2010 is enough
For goodness to show

A child of destiny, what else!
Allah made you and gave you
And He gives and takes
Not when man is consulted

O if not ordained!
Man must taste the cup
How could our beloved leader
Leave now we need him most

But behold! The greatest man died
And great men are in queue
Yet we mourn all times, unprepared
Ours is just standing by

You have gone to answer Allah
Because you have done as human
Even as we grieve for this loss
Do we rejoice with the angels!

You have done for Nigeria
You have done for Africa
You have done for humanity
And you have done for us

Adieu, Mr. Rule of Law!
Adieu, Umar Al-Farouq!
Now we pray and on forever
Allah's peace be unto you

Muhammad Ajah, a poet and author, writes from Abuja

by Muhammad Ajah

 Posted by: Muhammad Ajah

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