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When You See Me in Your Dreams...

When you see me in your dreams,
then you shall know I am a vision of loveliness,
and when you touch my golden locks of hair, and whisper gently..

into my ear, and caress my alabaster skin, you will see me loving you back.

I am fair skinned tis' true with eyes of azure color, and womanly soft lips, to kiss.

You will see me walking towards you in your dreams and fantasies.

You will long for my sweet embrace and want to kiss me all over my face.

I will be yours for the taking...and you will love only me.

We shall be together as one, it ain't no big mystery, and we will be in a novel...

for all to read about.
Our love will go down in history and we shall be like Romeo and Juliet,

Will have no regrets, loving one another...the way we do, and you shall always be besides me..

through thick and thin and love me once again as we make passion under those blanket of glistening stars.

We will look at that dark velvet sky and wonder why we are floating so high, reaching those stars, and we will..

kiss and romance one another, as we soar to a magickal place and time.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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