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When we meet...

When we meet, you shall sweep me right off my feet.

It will be like heaven, to be in your warm and loving arms.

I won't be able to resist your charms.
You'll hold me, not scold me or mold me into what you want or need.

You'll always treasure me in your heart, this I know.

We will make tender love and I shall be your angel and you shall be my prince

and together we will soar that beautiful blue and magickal sky together my love.

We will fall into another dimension and another place and time.

I will be all yours and you shall be all mine.
We will find solace in one another and find harmony in each others' eyes.

You shall be my one dreams desire and only you can make this fire, within my very soul.

So take control of me and make me believe you love only me alone.

We will be best of lovers and best of friends, and we will fall in love anew everytime we kiss.

Our love will be sheer bliss and only you can make me feel complete, as you once again..

sweep me right off my dainty womanly feet.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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