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Perfect Love

Our love is wide as an ocean, and we sail it together.

Our love is tall as the mountain, and we climb it each time, we are alone.

Our love is perfect in every way.
We romance and woo one another, and kiss and hold hands, so gingerly.

We are the best of friends as well.
I can tell, that our love is immeasurable, and surpasses all other romances.

We shall dance together, and be as one for always.
Yes, our love is like two silhouette's, dancing on the wall and you call out my name

and I come to you with the drop of a hat.
You make me feel content and solace and I shall always long for your tender touch,

and embrace.
So let this love sparkle and shine and I shall be all yours forever and ever more,

and we shall explore new worlds together, my love.
We will fall in love each time we kiss and we will look into one anothers eyes...

and see a vision of loveliness and dreams shall be fullfilled, each time we are together.

You will make all my fantasties come to life!
I want to tell you, I would be honored and proud to be your loving wife, and you will be,

my wonderful huband and lover for all times to come.

Yes this love is a perfect love..

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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