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Among Men
Do days gyrate
And the king remain he who
Serves the people of his nations
How long! How peoples of his nation long
Through some half-extinguished gleams
Of chronological relics
Man has greatly struggled to rule
To have last word for his men
Dear sons have killed their fathers
Herod did destroy Pious John
Esau did his blessed fortune give
To Jacob, a man of faith
Why had Pharaoh lost his men?
Why scrambles Africa to live?
Where is Adolf Hitler?
Where are George and Kennedy?
Where are Nkrumah, Abacha?
Where? And why? And how? And what?
Men on posts, be now afraid
If good you are, I and men
Dead, living, Nature shall all
Die for you, not spit on you

Muhammad Ajah is a poet, author, advocate of humanity and good governance. E-mail [email protected]

by Muhammad Ajah

 Posted by: Muhammad Ajah

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