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Have I read the better
Than Wordsworth of Cumberland?
The flowing ideas that prick
Blockheads, ignorance-home
And freshens savants' anxiety to impact
Through logical strings of soft words
Words-worthy for simplicity
Wherefore can I liken the medium
Between man and knowledge
The orator in over a hundred leaves
Leaves the modern fast man
In the wilderness of tornado
Or an insane, not whole man
But a man speaking to man
Touches the soul and body
Saying, “Help! Hungry I am”
And at the full of moon
When he moves the tongue heavily
The orator bows to ignorance
Yet can there be a cut
When the jinn speak to themselves
Man to man, cat to cat
Or the bound brain of man
Claims to address the non-human
I speak not, I write not for non-man
Or I have wasted a non-living life

Muhammad Ajah is a poet, author, advocate of humanity and good governance. E-mail [email protected]

by Muhammad Ajah (From his poem collection “Man in the Mirror”)

 Posted by: Muhammad Ajah (From his poem collection “Man in the Mirror”)

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