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There is a self within that wants to be set free
Greatness so scary that all low self esteem does flee

Is it the faint voice of destiny or the craftiness of pride?

Where does this unfamiliar road of success leads to?

Maybe faith is put to test and talents can no longer rest

Shout it to the end of the world
That the end of time is here
Tell humanity to be silent and hear
The period of liberation is near
Shout it in newspapers and scribble it in books
Drum it into the ears of children like storytellers do

That another black star has shone in the heart of the nameless

Will one climb the ladder of the unknown to the most popular stage in the light?

Or like the many others, will be shut down at night

Don't know if the time is right
But this dream will not run out of sight
Even if it has to be paid have for with a fight.

by Ackah Matthew

 Posted by: Ackah Matthew

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